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Only 5 Steps of ordering!

Step 1 take a look at the products.

Products are classified in different categories. Each category has one or more subcategories to choose from. Once you are within a subcategory browse through the pages to look for the product of your choose. If you would like to have a closer look or more details click the image of the product. You can also search for products.

Step 2 add product to cart.

If you would like to order the product, simply click the button [Add to Cart] You will see that the product chosen is added to your cart. Continue shopping or when done click the button [Checkout] (see image below).

Step 3 provide us with your shipping address and contact information

To be able to ship the products to you, you must enter your shipping address and contact information. You can choose whether you would like to become a regular customer. The advantage of becoming a regular customer is that the information you provide to us is stored in a database and you will be able to retrieve it in a later stadium with you password and username. Therefore you do not need to supply the contact information over and over again when returning to our website. See also the privacy statement below.

Step 4 payment information

Select the way you would like to pay. See also chapter payment below.

Step 5 Finish

Click the button [Order now!]. An email will be sent to you to confirm the order.

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Delivery of products

Minutes after putting an order you receive the order confirmation.

Delivery is carried out as soon as your payment has arrived.

Payment by credit card transaction is fully secured. Please, see under Prices & Payment also. De prijzen in onze webshop genoemd zijn incl. de BTW. Shipping costs are charged separately. Your shipping costs already appear in the temporary payment survey (checkout) before you decide to put the order or not.

We ship all orders through TPG/TTN Post, unless otherwise agreed. Please, see under SHIPPING also.

Our webshop prices are in Euro's and include the Dutch consumer tax BTW (comparable with what other countries name : VAT, TVA, Mw. St etc). For residents outside the European Union only: It is FIS Aviation Support' policy to refrain from refunding the VAT tax.

If delivered goods are shipped to countries or states subject to import duties or other (local) taxes, those duties and taxes are at the expense of you as buyer.

Delivery time of shipping:

We keep the products, offered in our webshop (except for leather name tags) in stock and shipping your order is a matter of days or at the most a week. However, it happens that an item gets out of stock at times. Therefore the following :

  • Ordered items in stock: the order ordered items will be shipped within a week time.
  • Ordered items partly out of stock: if we expect the remainder to be in stock within 2 weeks, the order will be shipped within 2 weeks.
  • Ordered items partly out of stock: your order is shipped within a week if the remainder is not expected to be in stock within 2 weeks. The remainder will be shipped, at no additional charge, as soon as it becomes available.

If we need supplementary data to be able to ship your order, delivery time begins two days after we received those data.

Leather Name Tags:

The custom-made name tags we offer are made in the U.S.A.

Delivery-time after receipt of your payment is 6 weeks.

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Shipping (costs).

Shipping costs will be added separate. These costs can been seen in a temporary payment survey (checkout) which appears before you decide to put a definitive order. We make use of the reliable Dutch mail company TPG/TTN POST whose delivery performance has proven to be very satisfactory and effective.


We ship letterbox mail and small letterbox parcels suitable for the mailbox through Priority Airmail.

The envelopes and parcels may not exceed the 2 kg and not exceed the 38x26,5x3,2 cm (l x w x h).

Parcels, not suitable for the mailbox:

We ship through Worldpack Basic Priority if the parcel does not exceed a weight of 2 kg.

Registered shipment:
In case it is preferable to use a registered shipping we contact you, if necessary, as extra shipping costs will occur

Cash on delivery:

We do not ship through cash on delivery.

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We deliver goods to countries worldwide, but a payment trough a credit card , is restricted to a number of countries (please, see under credit card below).

All prices in FIS Aviation Support' webshop are quoted in Euro's(Ç).

Contrary to some other countries (e.g. USA) all prices shown include the local Dutch (consumer/BTW) taxes, comparable with what other countries name VAT,TVA, Mw St etc.

So, the price shown is what you pay.


1. Credit Card
We accept Visa and MasterCard as credit card for orders from residents within the European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand. Norway, Switzerland and the U.S.A. , unless otherwise agreed.

We accept Visa and MasterCard as credit card without any surcharges
Each card transaction is fully secured. The card details submitted when you place an order through our internet site are encrypted by SSL through our payment service provider Buckaroo.

2. Bank

ING Bank N.V.: We accept orders worldwide.

If you wish to pay your order through a bank transfer, payment to our bank account is possible. But the costs of a bank transfer costs are at the expense of you. Please, mark this statement on your bank form and we have no problems.

All necessary details to complete your bank transfer are stated in the order-confirmation. Please, do not forget to fill out the IBAN and BIC code in your payment instructions!. These bank codes are stated in the order confirmation you will receive just minutes after you putted your order.

Please do not forget your ordernumber!

3. PayPal

If you have PayPal account you can use it to buy products in our webshop.

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Inspection & Complaints


You are held to have the delivered goods inspected the moment the goods are handing over, but in any case in as short a period of time as possible. In this respect, you must examine whether the quality and the quantity of the delivered goods comply with what was agreed upon between you and us FIS Aviation Support.

shortage / wrong product:

Discrepancies in shipment must be made within 3 days after receipt of merchandise, unless otherwise agreed. Please provide name, address and original order number. We will resolve this problem asap and will keep you informed about the progress.
Shipping costs involved to resolve the problem are at the expense of FIS Aviation Support, but FIS Aviation Support determines in what way will be shipped./


  • A visible shortcoming must be communicated in writing, or e-mail or fax to FIS Aviation Support within 3 days following handing over of the order and the product involved should be returned at the same time, unless the latter is agreed otherwise.
  • A non-visible defect must be notified within 8 days following its detection, but in any case before the guarantee period (if applying) expires. When the 8 days notice or guarantee period has expired, FIS Aviation Support shall be entitled to charge the consumer for all repair or replacements costs, including administration and shipment costs as well as call-out charges.
  • Please, see chapter Guarantee also.

You must inform us about your complaints within the terms mentioned above otherwise we can not accept your complaint anymore!

If you file your complaint in due time, you shall still be held to take delivery of the goods purchased. If you want to return defect goods, you shall do so following prior to consent in writing from FIS Aviation Support and FIS Aviation Support chooses the way the return is shipped.

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  1. You, as consumer, can shop with confidence at FIS Aviation Support as every product we ship meets the usual requirements and standards that can be set for and made upon them and that they shall be free of any defect no matter what, unless otherwise noted.
  2. The guarantee, mentioned under 1., shall equally apply if the goods to be delivered are destined for use outside the Netherlands and if you, the consumer, explicity informed FIS Aviation Support of this use in writing the moment the purchase was entered into.
  3. The guarantee mentioned under 1. shall be valid for a period of 3 months following delivery. You must write, fax or e-mail FIS Aviation Support, when you want to make a complaint, within 2 months after finding the defect
  4. The confirmation of the original purchase order shall serve as guarantee proof with respect to the guarantee, unless otherwise noted.
  5. If the delivered merchandise does not comply with said guarantee, FIS Aviation Support shall, at his discretion, replace or see to the repair of the merchandise, with a reasonable period of time following receipt thereof, or, if the merchandise can not be returned in reason, following consumers (in writing, by fax or e-mail) notification of the defect . In the event the merchandise is replaced, the consumer shall already now undertake to return the good which should be replaced To FIS Aviation Support and to transfer ownership to FIS Aviation Support.
  6. The guarantee mentioned for this purpose shall not apply when the defect originated as the result of injudicious or improper use or when the consumer or third parties have introduced changes or tried to introduce changes to the good without user's consent in writing or if they have used it for purposes for which the good was not intended.
  7. In case the delivered merchandise does not comply with the agreement and this non-conformity is a defect as mend in the liability rules, FIS Aviation Support is not liable for any consequential damage resulting from the defect.
  8. All that is stated in these general terms and conditions about guarantee, has no effect on the guarantees of the consumer by reason of the law, everything with due observance of the provisions set out in these general terms and conditions and in the agreement, including the nature and quality of which is sold and delivered to you as the consumer.

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Only after preceding authorization of FIS Aviation Support, ordered items can be returned. FIS Aviation Support Support indicates the way of return.

Together with your return-application you must provide the following information: name and full address, name of product being returned, reason for return, telephone number, e-mail address and original order number. Important: please, also read the GUARANTEE chapter !

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FIS Aviation Support accepts a cancellation.

However, you must inform us by fax or e-mail, not later then 3 days after the date of the original order (this date is mentioned in the confirmation of order). If you exceed this term we can any more accept the cancellation. Simultaneous with your cancellation please provide: name, full address and order number.

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If you are not satisfied with your purchase you can exchange it, after preceding authorization of FIS Aviation Support only. We charge you 7% exchange costs, restricted to the original purchase price of the exchanged item. You must inform us in writing, by fax or by e-mail within 8 days after receipt of your purchase.

Custom-made products can not be exchanged, unless it concerns a wrong doing of FIS Aviation Support.

You should return your purchase within 15 days after receive of your purchase. If you exceed this term we can any more accept the exchange. Please verify that your exchange packaging includes the original order number!

All returned merchandise must be complete and not damaged. Product that is returned incomplete or damaged,-if accepted- will require a deduction. This deduction is final.

All the involved shipping costs come at your expense, unless it concerns a wrong doing of FIS Aviation Support.

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Contact Information.

FIS Aviation Support

Chopinlaan 10 - 3741 HE - Baarn - The Netherlands

Tel. +31.35.5417749 - Fax +31.35.5416690


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