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Delivery information

Minutes after putting an order you receive the order confirmation. Delivery is carried out as soon as your payment has arrived.

Shipping costs are charged separately. If you want to now the costs before checkout choose ‘Estimate Shipping & Taxes’. It wil give you an estimate of the total shipping costs. We ship all orders through PostNL, unless otherwise agreed.

Return/refund period is 14 days at any time (unless it is custom made) without any questions!

Our webshop prices are in Euro’s and include the Dutch consumer tax BTW (comparable with what other countries name : VAT, TVA, Mw. St etc). For residents outside the European Union only: It is FIS Aviation Support’ policy to refrain from refunding the VAT tax.

If delivered goods are shipped to countries or states subject to import duties or other (local) taxes, those duties and taxes are at the expense of you as buyer.

Delivery time of shipping:

We keep the products, offered in our webshop (except for leather name tags) in stock and shipping your order is a matter of days or at the most a week. However, it happens that an item gets out of stock at times. Therefore the following :

Ordered items in stock: the order ordered items will be shipped within a week time.
Ordered items partly out of stock: if we expect the remainder to be in stock within 2 weeks, the order will be shipped within 2 weeks.
Ordered items partly out of stock: your order is shipped within a week if the remainder is not expected to be in stock within 2 weeks. The remainder will be shipped, at no additional charge, as soon as it becomes available.
If we need supplementary data to be able to ship your order, delivery time begins two days after we received those data.

For Name Tags please Note: Delivery-time after receipt of your payment is 6 weeks.