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LeatherName Tags and Embroidered nametags can be found at the FIS Aviation webshop.With us you can customize and personalize your Flightsuit nametags in eitherembroidered or leather fabrics and with many options. Leather nametags areideal for personalizing your flight jackets, shirts, flight suits, etc. Our topquality nametags are made to Military Specifications. The Embroidered name tagsare available in many different colors and fabrics. If your color is not listedplease send us an email.

At present,we offer you more than 50 wing designs, both military and private pilot. We addnew wings regularly. All our flight suit nametags are backed with ourguarantee.

Leather Name Tags design
Embroidered Name Tag design

FISAviation is also the main supplier of Aviation patches and Aviation Keyrings inEurope. We have a unique collection of old-timer aviation patches like, P-51Mustang, Spitfire, Catalina, Corsair, etc. in different varieties. Also for thekeyrings there are many oldtimer aviation plane keyrings as there are new onesfor e.g. JSF, eurofighter, F-16, F-18. Plane call-signs like remove beforeflight, danger and rescue very unique and nice souvenirs. If you like to have aquote for your own, nametag design, patch design (for e.g. a squadron patch) orkeyring design, just let us know.

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